joi, 20 mai 2010

How to start a fabulous day!

You wake up. you hit the snooze button 3 times. you manage to get out of bed. you crawl to the bathroom, yawning until your jaws hurt. you put into balance the advantages and disadvantages of going to the biochemistry class. you finally decide to go. you find some clothes and get to the kitchen. Open the fridge, realize it's quite empty and whatever you have doesn't please you. Therefore you decide you'll buy some cheese bagels on the road.
You get out of the house 15 minutes later than you'd normally do. You walk faster and you sweat because, contrary to what every news channel said, today it's not freezing cold and it's not freaking raining!
You get to school with enough bagels for the next 3 hours. You enter the class and.... surprise. there are only 3 other students there. Here comes the teacher who tells you there's no class with 3 students.
You decide you'll go to the lecture hall and study on your own. you get there, start reading, get bored, get sleepy and decide to go home because you should be reading other stuff for tomorrow's exam!

marți, 11 mai 2010

What i like on Tuesdays...

On the way to my English or IT class there's this huge wonderful old house. In front of it, there's a nice garden with a little magnolia, a swing and apart from that, it's filled with red tulips. There's a wonderful poofy wolf dog. Two very old people live there. A lady with her husband. On every Tuesday at 5 o'clock they just sit there on the porch with their walking frames beside their chairs. They never say anything, they don't look at each other. They're looking at the garden and they're looking at the city from above. But you can see they're happy and they're probably the best friends in the Universe.

sâmbătă, 8 mai 2010

Letter to someone nice

The day had started out awful, continuing with...well..more awful news. I was moody, sad and frustrated. I was barely keeping myself from crying. I didn't want to be there and hated myself for feeling that way. I was hoping the class would finish quickly so i could go home and hide. walked in. That smile and those catchy eyes... and you sat next to me, which at that point surprised me. Who would sit next to a grumpy sad-faced girl when you could have picked loads of other seats? That made me smile inside. You shook my hand... your long fingers grabbed my hand until over my wrists; firmly but not too tight. Just like a perfect handshake. You asked me if I smoked and then told me I was wise for not doing it. I wanted to tell you i could at least keep you company... but you ran away. You came back quickly though. I spent the next hour or so trying to find one word, one sentence to start out a conversation... but i couldn't focus; maybe it was your lovely perfume that tickled my senses that stopped me from doing it. Finally... your pen stopped writing. I had a spare one. You took it and i heard the nicest "Thank you very much" ever. It was only a pen, though. The next 15 minutes passed with only a childlike giggle when i read your "flattering" habits on nasty teachers. In the meantime I kept enjoying every bit of perfume that was coming from time to time when you moved your hands. I can still feel it in my nose, though it's been a few days now.
The neon light was crushing my head, the tough wood stools were crushing my bum. I couldn't stand it anymore... though your presence there made it bearable. So I doodled on your page... luckily you continued that and we made it to a nice landscape and to a nice happy ending Prince Charming and Cosanzeana story. You said we might continue it one day. I really hope we will.
I might never even see you least not anytime soon. But I won't forget that slick smile, those slick figures and the slick looks, that i bet were studied carefully to make everyone smile and make you get away with pretty much every little blunder. Just like a little kid that ate too many candies and his eyes are smiling filled with trickiness when he's telling you not to tell mum.
Then it was the time I had been waiting for the whole day. I had to go home. Now I didn't want to anymore. Because you made what no one has been able to do. You cheered me up and made me think that there still might be nice people around.
It all ended with a huge smile, a hand wave and a Goodbye and see you soon.

see you soon then,
Thank you for making my day!

duminică, 2 mai 2010

Şi-acum... Pupă-mă!

Garlic Knots,
noduri(sau nu... ) cu usturoi!

am gasit reteta asta acum cateva zile si am zis ca am sa o incerc intr-o zi... si asta pentru ca maine am colocviu la biofizica si nu e nimic mai relaxant si mai util decat sa faci niste placintele, sa stergi praful, sa faci o plimbare, sa instalezi un program de care nu ai nevoie, sa vezi ca nu merge si sa il dezinstalezi...ăăă unde eram?...a la usturoi.

o cana cu faina
o lingurita de zahar si una de sare
si inca una de drojdie
jumate de cana cu apa la temperatura camerei
vreo 6 lingurite de ulei de masline
vreo 4-5-6 catei de usturoi taiat marunt si patrunjel din belsug.
eu mi-am luat libertatea de a pune si un pic (mai mult) zahtar si chimen.

a..,.patrunjelul ideal ar fi sa fie proaspat. eu n-am avut decat de ala din plic si mi-era putintel lene sa ma duc pana jos la aprozar.

Amestecati faina cu zaharul, drojdia si abia la sfarsit cu sarea... am auzit ca nu e bine sa se intalneasca sarea cu drojdia devreme. Dupa, se pune putintica apa pana se leaga, niste ulei si se lasa la crescut.
Cat se incinge cuptorul si creste aluatul se face sosulica: usturoi, ulei si alte condimente si niste sare.
Cand e gata aluatul se intinde, se taie fasii, care se... fac noduri daca vreti si daca puteti, daca nu, nu-i bai. Se ung cu sosul de mai sus si se dau la cuptor vreo 12 minute. Cand se scot se arunca niste patrunjel pe ele si se papa imediat. (cu Sana batuta bine!)
Pofta Mare!

P.S.: ca deh...sunt gospodina...stie cineva ce sa pun pe un deget fript care ustura? :(