vineri, 18 aprilie 2014

The adventures of the confused egg

The Confused Egg wanted to go for a walk. It was too dull in the refrigerator, he thought.

As he jumped out of the fridge he met the Mortar and the Pestle. "This could be cozy", thought our small freckle. But it turns out it wasn't just as comfy. He lived "under pressure" of turning yolky. 

His shell couldn't take it. So he hopped on to his old friends! But his friends were different now. "They're so shiny and blushy... and look all the same. He didn't feel quite welcome, he thought they were insane.  

So, sad and scared he walked away and found the Cocoa Beans along the way. They tried to take him for a walk, in lands of cocoa, milk and nuts. But the adventure was too much to take, outside was sunny, he was afraid he'll bake.

He hid under the leaves and prayed he would be home. This kitchen is no place for a soft-shelled ball. 

To be continued.