marți, 27 iulie 2010


I've been waiting for this gig for nearly 4 years. I was planning to go to the Vienna gig in April but i couldn't go for loads of different reasons. (boo-oo). In a March morning, in the break of my biophysics class Bianca calls me and tells me to sit down and then asks me about my plans for the 24th of July. I told her most probably I'll be doing my summer stage... She said: "No! you'll pack your stuff and come to Mamaia. Mika's coming!" I thought she was joking, I tried to seem excited but i couldn't. I just couldn't imagine it. Actually it only struck me when I went to Mamaia and saw the double decker buses with MIKA written on them with huge fonts.

But, to start with. I finally got the chance to meet Bianca in person. :) Woop woop! and her mum and granny! Great people! I don't remember much of the first day, apart from being sleepy, (i was already awake for 25 hours when I got there in the morning, and I went to bed only late in the evening) hungry and watching the Vega hotel doors to see who's coming and who's leaving. (noooooo...we weren't looking for Mika.)
The next day we woke up pretty early, though not as early as planned, (now Bianca knows how terrible I am when it comes to being on time). Sorry! We got to the H2O beach around 9 am and the stage wasn't even up properly. So after lurking a bit there we decided we'd come back at 4 p.m to get in line for the gig. We went back to the beach, and we met Mrs. P and Jimmy. Then we saw everyone from the band, apart from Mika, getting in the van and going to the sound check. I changed into my gig clothes and we went at the H2O beach. Oh, it was only 2.30. So we spent our time there in the melting sun, writing the banner (Bianca's idea) and pretty much just waiting.
The gig was supposed to start at 7.30 p.m. They've only let us in at 7 and the gig started at 8.30 (the typical Romanian style) with Cut Copy.
After they were done, Mrs. P came to pick up Lollipop girls and Big girls. I decided I was going to be a Lollipop girl, but then I changed my mind because I wanted to see the gig. Mrs. P (a.k.a Mika's Mum) asked me if I wanted to be a Lollipop girl, and she thought I was pretty! I told her this was my first gig and she said OK! and gave me that look have to stay, you can't miss that!

Finally Mika came on stage and I was wondering before what my reaction would be. I just froze. I just stared at him with a huge grin on my face the whole Relax song, while everyone else was jumping and screaming at the top of their lungs. I didn't move one finger. After that I started singing along and screaming (I never thought I could yell so loud for such a long time. Of course I could barely speak the next day). I took my camera and took a few pics. I tried not to take so many because it was finally the first time I could look at him directly.

I still can't put into words the experience. It was AMAZING! The whole show proved that he is an artist that besides the fact he respects his fans he respects himself. Being a free entrance gig, at a festival in Romania, you wouldn't expect much. He gave everything there. There was the stage set, the crowd props, the story, the interaction with the crowd and you could see he was enjoying every bit on stage like he does every time.

A few pics:

dr. John

I have more pics here:

:) i know you probably can't see how excited I am and how happy this whole experience has made me. But I just can't put it into words. (and I'm extremely tired)

*all photos are my property. please do not use them without my permission, and do not remove the copyright text; thank you :)

marți, 20 iulie 2010

And so, I took the first steps...

I do confess, i started med school a bit, well a bit more actually, scared. Scared not only that it's going to be hard, harder than i could imagine for different reasons than I imagined; but scared because I wasn't quite sure if that was what I wanted to do. Yes, I did ask myself, if this is not what I want, what else do I want to do? and the answer was always "nothing else, just medicine." But sometimes i was doubting whether I was good enough or whether I was suited for this. The first year has come and gone and I have no idea when. I finished it well; it could have been a lot better though, i'm gutted. But I know what went wrong and how I can fix it. What I managed to figure out this year were my weak points. Next year will be about how I can make those stronger. I was disappointed before the start of the summer stage. I met people who shocked me. I haven't met one single doctor that would make me think: This is how I want to be. They all scared me. I met mean people, people who despite they were there to teach us, they seemed to be afraid of us. A lot of times I felt that I was stealing the information, not being offered. I met people who seemed to have forgotten, that they once too were 1st year students who had no clue about a lot of stuff not even about how the building they enter for the first time in their lives looks like on the inside. There were two or three examples of good doctors too. But they were missing something too. (yes, I do seek for perfection - but don't get me wrong, a perfect man doesn't mean a man without flaws. It's that someone who knows and accepts his flaws and acts accordingly.)
I started my summer stage. The always negative side of me was waiting for boring useless days with no one willing to help. I still hate it that I thought like that. Yes, doctors in the hospitals are busy, yes they don't always have the time to show us stuff and go through every little detail with us. And I would be an idiot not to understand that. But I was delighted and extremely happy to see that if you show the slightest interest they are willing to teach you and guide you every time they are able to do it.
I learned a lot during the year, and I learned a lot during the first week of the summer stage. I was terrified that I had 3 weeks ahead of me, and now I'm already halfway there.
I want to keep this in my head; I'm afraid I will forget, though I know I won't. The most amazing doctors I have met this week. I know how I want to be. I know what I want to be. We all need role-models, don't we? At least I always needed, though I've only come to realize it now. All the things I achieved were because I had something/someone to look up to and say I want to get THERE! and from "THERE" the road lead only upwards. And in the past week i found at least 3 persons that I thought only existed in the Hollywood movies. People who have everything it takes: skills, knowledge, attitude, passion, compassion, ability to interact, you name it!
So, thank you! Now I know (how) I can be good enough for this and I am (can be) suited for this. It was all a matter of perspective.
Oh and did I mention that my self respect has increased A LOT in the past week just because nobody yelled at me and everyone helped me do good things, and most importantly appreciated what I did.

random notes from the stage (to be updated)
I like it (and it secretly puts a huge smile on my face) to hear the kids talking to me with: "Miss Doctor!"

I was at my happiest on my first week when the mother of a little kid said "Thank you" and shook my hand and winked. She knew I was a student and seemed to appreciate the little bits that I did. (mostly talking to the little boy and trying to keep him from crying)

Surgery is (as I was expecting) no longer on the last place on my list. It went up a few good spots.

I got a pretty drawing from a little 8 years old boy. Far better than any drawing I have ever made. The little kid has no fingers. (will post it soon)

sâmbătă, 17 iulie 2010


I took the quiz, "what flower are you" some time ago, when I was still in highschool...the result was the sunflower. I don't remember what it said about that, but i took it again today, as a med student :)) result:
You Are an Echinacea
"You are a health conscious person, both your health and the health of others. You know all about the health benefits and dangers of the world around you."

What flower are you?