joi, 22 mai 2014

Ranting post no. 76427211

So apparently I have a medical condition I've been dealing with for some time (read: my whole life). No I won't die because of it but it's not a pleasure having it and being neurotic is what causes it. And having it makes me more neurotic, stressed and panicked. You see that circle we got going on?

So let's meditate. Let's be quiet and calm. Let's get some medication to properly function so I won't panic over nothing and break that chain. I have a GP. I gave her a receipt attesting I am student, therefore medically insured. She gave me a dispatch to a specialist. Written on that piece of paper was my stated "insured" quality. Not handwritten. Printed. On a legal document. Printed from a legal database of insured people in this fucking country. 

Let me go on... 
So I happily went to the specialist. But I can't get admitted in the hospital because I cannot prove I am a student therefore an insured patient. (Read: that piece of legal document stating the fact that I am insured means nothing). I got another receipt stating the fact that I am a student. I got admitted in the hospital, investigated and was handed a prescription for my condition. All that as a patient with medical insurance. I got a prescription. Legal document on which says "Insured. Student." Let me just go take my meds then.

Drug store guy: "I am sorry, I cannot give you the prescription drugs. 
Me: ?!?!?!

Drugs guy: You have to bring proof that you are a student."