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Ma indoiesc de calitatea, seriozitatea si veridicitatea oricarui material scris asa: "sa ândeplineasca o sarcina....", "neuronul este o metafora", "majoritatea organele prezinta..." etc.
Asa ca lipsa mea de concentrare nu este ADHD si nici nesimtire.

In capitolul "cratima - cine si de ce o foloseste" nu intru la ora asta.

joi, 1 septembrie 2011

White and blue, sun, sea and food

Deciding where to go on holidays... it went something like this: A train trip around Europe with stops in the Czech Republic, Germany, UK, Ireland, France and somewhere around Croatia. Changed my mind after finding out the ticket for getting to the railway station for the departure on this "eurotrip line" was actually more expensive and challenging than the rest of the trip. So, we'll go to Sweden... settled then. Made all the plans, what to see, what to do... but Sweden is so cold in the end of August. Then... maybe Spain? Too expensive. Oh we'll go to London. Found cheap flight tickets and cheap accommodation at a friend of a friend. But London... rainy and I'd like to swim somewhere in the sea. How about Turkey? oh look... Greece!
And so we went to sunny Crete.

(if you're hungry I suggest you get something to munch on while reading the rest of this post)

Got to the hotel at around 7 in the evening, changed into bathing suits and jumped right into the sea. After that, we went to eat. We heard about a nice Greek Tavern called Tarantella and we decided we'd give it a try. It wasn't that near to our hotel as we thought, but the search was worthy. The typical Greek style with blue wooden chairs, white walls and pots all around. We were greeted at the entrance by a nice waitress and after trying the local Mythos beer we ordered some food - I went for Gyros as I was really craving for one and my mum had a dish called Syrtaki which was actually a plate with soutzoukakia (delicious Greek meatballs made with beef, bread, red wine and spices), one souvlaki, some tzatziki, salad, veggies, rice and fries. The dishes were huge, prices were reasonable. Not a cheap place to eat but considering the amount of food you get, it's acceptable. I think the Gyros was around 8 euros and the Syrtaki plate around 12 euros. What I loved about that place was the atmosphere and the staff. Such friendly, happy people - the tavern is a family business - there were only 3 people taking orders and serving - including the boss - and everything went quite fast. After this delightful dinner we were "saved" by some Raki shots as a gift from the house. I normally don't even touch anything with more than 17% alcohol but as my stomach was on the point of popping from too much food I thought some digestive drink would be fine. And my God did it work! We left satisfied and happy.

We spent most of our days laying in the sun and diving into the amazing waves in the sea. One night we tried the Veranda restaurant. The setting is gorgeous. Right by the sea, small cozy tables with little oil lamps. Prices though, shoot all the way to the moon. Not really... but it's quite expensive. One grilled dorada, 4 grilled barbuni, one kataif and a pot of white wine were around 40 euros. The fish comes with a side dish with fries, salad, rice and veggies. The serving is beautiful, everything is really nice and the staff, as everywhere in Greece, friendly, joyous and welcoming. The food is cooked beautifully and it tastes as well. As for the kataif ... there are no words to describe how good that was. Sweet but not to glue your teeth together, and the syrup was fresh and perfumed... I can only say it was the best dessert I've had. 

One day we took the bus to a near resort, in Malia. We were told the beach was awesome there. Well I have no idea how the beach in Malia looks like because the road to the beach seemed never ending, shadeless and the sun was literally frying us. So instead, we went to the old village in Malia which was fantastic. So quiet (in the day time, as I heard it gets crazy in the night time)! With beautiful old Greek villas, taverns, classy restaurants. The restaurants don't open until 6pm. You see the owners sitting on the terrace with a glass of water or a cup of coffee but the place it's closed. Until 6 in the evening nothing and no one moves. All the locals are outside, sitting on a chair in front of their houses and talking or reading a book. You can feel the summer laziness in the air. It's all I want to do one summer. When you walk by, they smile and greet you, Kalimera!
After walking around the village 2 or 3 times we got hungry and since there wasn't any place to eat we got the bus back to Hersonissos. But before, we saw an open place and stopped to have a beer. It was an Irish pub, ran by a man from Ireland and his wife from Crete. We switched from the Greek mode we were on and had a beer and watched a bit of rugby.

Back in Hersonissos we had lunch at the "Greek Tavern" - a very nice, shady and not that expensive place where they serve a good Mousaka. Spent the rest of the day at the beach.... actually in the sea. And at night I went "clubbing" with some guys I met at the hotel, danced and had a bit of fun.

The next day we went to Agios Nikolaos. The next city from Malia. There we went with some friends we made - Patricia and her mum - from Sibiu, and Alina & Bogdan - from Campina. We got to Agios Nikolaos at midday and decided it wasn't a great hour to go the beach so we did a little tour of the city. Nothing that impressive but it's a nice place with a small port.

We went looking for a nice beach and found one. Very small but the water was so still and almost white-blue. I nearly fell asleep there with a cute dog sleeping right next to me, when I felt something crawling on my foot. It was a colorful lizard which ran away and hid in the sand before I got a chance to get a picture of it.

We had a great lunch at a tavern near the beach (I forgot the name...). Quite cheap, huge meals and delicious. For starters we had what all 6 of us agreed to be the best tzatziki ever! It was just perfect! Then, I had a mushroom cream soup which was awkward at first but then after getting used to it... i think it was the best cream soup I ever had. And I got some stuffed tomatoes... oh yummy! I loved the fact that the tomatoes were baked in the oven and a bit dried not boiled the soul out of them as some do. The stuffing was rice with some crunchy stuff in it, onion and lots and lots of seasoning. But the taste was just great. It had something fresh and very aromatic in it. Mum had a lamb souvlaki and it was one of the best lamb dishes I tried. The meat was so tender it melted in your mouth and the seasoning was perfect. It came with the already traditional side dish - rice, salad, and fries. But it had something extra that I adored. Baked onion and baked peppers.
This would have been a great place if we wouldn't have got the end surprise on the bill: 6 euros for 6 slices of bread we actually didn't order but were served along with the dishes. Otherwise I do recommend that place (I don't know the name but if you're interested I could mark it on a map or explain how to get to it).

With our tummies full it was time to go back to Hersonissos. After a quick shower we went up the road from our hotel and got to the prettiest and loveliest place in the area. The Koutouloufari Village and the Piskopiano Village. 
After staring in awe at the wonderful terraces and restaurants, we toured the villages and returned late in the evening.

The next day we decided we had to get all the sun possible so we spent the whole day on the beach with other two people we befriended at the hotel misses Jeni & mister Luci from Jimbolia. In the evening we dressed all fancy pansy and got up the hill in Koutouloufari for the most posh dinner I ever experienced.

the pork dish

my greek pla
We stopped at a restaurant I set my eyes on the night before. Galini Restaurant. At a first glance it looks quite kitschy but still fitting. The terrace is surrounded by Greek columns and an imitation of the Knossos temple. The waitresses are dressed like Greek goddesses - with a white dress and a knitted belt, a short cape attached to the shoulders and wearing Greek sandals. The waiters are dressed with a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black pants with a red waistband. At the entrance we were greeted by a nice Greek goddess who turned out to be a girl from Barlad. She took us to our table, and after we sat down we each got a welcoming cocktail from the house. The waiter placed the napkins on our laps which made me realize this was actually a serious restaurant. Before bringing the food, the waitress gave us one warm towel with jasmine essence to wipe and refresh our hands. It took us quite a while to pick something from the menu and I went for a Greek Plate which had: moussaka, a stuffed   pepper, some chopped pork with fresh onions, stifado, salad, rice and baked potatoes. My mum had an Oriental Lamb which also included salad, rice, baked potatoes and some veggies. Jeni & Luci each ordered pork with plums and pork with raisins. We also got one tzatziki as a starter. But that one accompanied the starters from the house that you get if you order a main dish. So we got a plate with aubergine salad, roe salad and avocado salad, some olives and a few butter curls along with another plate with 4 or 5 types of bread. I'm an eggplant hater but I always try things before I make a pledge and this salad was so good I couldn't stop. It was a bit different than our traditional salad which I still can't stand... it had a bit of mayonnaise and a bit of lemon i suppose, but it tasted fantastic. Same for the avocado and the roe.
We ordered one white wine to go with the starters and one red wine for the main dishes.

 In the meantime, after the red wine was finished, the boss gave us another one from the house.
After we stuffed our stomachs with pure joyous food to the point where breathing was becoming a problem, we were offered a big cup of diced cool fresh fruits from the house.
fruits from the house
So we decided it was going to be a long night out and while chatting and waiting for a bit of room for the fruits a lovely waiter came with some traditional Raki and poured one shot for each of us and one shot for him and cheered with us. Yamas!
miss Jeni, Pascale the happy waiter and me

 A few fruits later he comes again this time with one small pot of Raki and leaves it for us. Happy happy joy joy, saying we left that place satisfied would a major understatement. All this pampering was a lot cheaper than eating out in Hersonissos at an ordinary tavern (between 12-15 euros/dish), the atmosphere, the serving, all the attention every customer gets.. everything is perfect!

Pascale - he knows some Romanian poetry - "cutzu cutzu na grivei mamaliga daca vrei"

The last day, we did what I promised myself I would never do and I was right thinking that way. We took a group trip to Knossos. There is a reason why I hated group trips without even going to one and now after making this mistake I know I was right for thinking that way.
Anyway, on a brighter note, the Knossos temple is amazing. I'm not a fan of antiquities, spread rocks around hills and other stories about it. But this really got to my heart. And not because of the history behind it. But because of how amazing and bright the architects and engineers were around 4000 years ago. Building such a massive palace with so many different levels and communications between rooms and different parts of the palace and making it resist for so long, making such an efficient ventilation system and a water supply system along with one for getting rid of all the manure... that's astonishing!

Ended the day and the holiday with a final swim in the sea and with Greece with all its wonders in my heart. What's sticking to me as symbols from Crete: the deafening sounds of the Cretan crickets, the blue of the sea, the smell of gyros at every corner, the amazing waves, the Star Beach and the Meltemi beach, the 208 terrace - that is the balcony from our hotel room in which we had dinner a few times from the supermarket and in which we would spend time every night with a beer or a drop of ouzo.
All in all, Crete was a great experience and I'm really glad I tried it! It is on my list of places I'd go back to.

joi, 7 iulie 2011

all things bright and mikaful!

So! I got to Bucharest and met with Adda. Then I got to B'estfest with was somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in a field, near a lake. We waited in front of the gates to get in at 12.00. After that, we said we weren't going to stick to the stage because Mika would be there only after 12 hours. Well... scratch that. We did walk around and had fun but we would check back often to see if there were any people in front of the stage. We met two other fans from Spain, LeiRe and Raquel (if i remember well). We saw the band do the soundcheck and I waved to iMMa and she waved back which at that point made me super happy. After that, as me and Adda were walking around the ...field, we saw Martin, Cherisse, iMMa, Ben and Marcus. I said hello to Martin and he was looking at some pictures on his camera and just mumbled hello. Then he looked up and said: Oh Hi there! having fun? and I told him yes and I'll see him later this evening. Then Imma said it was hot outside but honestly I wasn't feeling the temperature anymore. I told them (again) Can't wait to see you tonight and left. They waved and told me See you later. I didn't take a picture (facepalm!).
Then the other Romanian members from MFC started coming. At around 3pm we got ourselves in front of the stage to make sure we get the front row. We saw the other bands perform and I was only thrilled by Asian Dub Foundation. Then it was MIKA time. And we thought there weren't going to be many people as most of them seemed to come for ADF or other bands. But after ADF I noticed people aren't leaving...they just keep pushing in to the front rows and keep gathering. So I finally managed to sit down because my feet were killing me and I thought I heard..."do you want to get on stage with Mika and dance?" My first thought was..."No. I'm staying here to see the gig. But I got up to see who it was. And it was Yasmine. She asked me and I just got my bag and ran to the backstage. I was hoping i'd be a lollipop girl. She came...looked at us... and said... I need BIG GIRLS!!! she couldn't find me, and 2 other girls got to be Big Girls. Which was super cool because we got on stage twice. At Big Girl and Lollipop. We went backstage, shared the dressing room with Cherisse and iMMa. Then, on the hallway I saw Mika (eating a banana) and I said Hi. He greeted and told us to have fun on the stage. Then, after we were all dressed up it was that awkward moment when he was staring at us and we were staring at him but no one would say a word so i just jumped and said Wooooop! he started laughing, came to us and said that they didn't have the big heads for the BGs. And I said that's ok because i don't think i can dance with that thing on. Then he said...Yeah but you have to do something else if you don't have that... Because you get on stage at the second song and I need you need to get all the audience up and dancing (pfffss as if they weren't already). I need you to rock the stage and go wild there.
I said I could do that, no problem. And he said...oh well...we shall see.
And so I did . Yasmine took us backstage and at BG we went on the stage and... well... I was dancing around and singing with iMMa then I turned and saw Mika coming my way. And all I was seeing were his eyes... and i realized i had no idea what he was singing, what lyrics...i tried to look at his lips and i just saw them move and couldn't make out a single word. So i shut my mouth and just danced and well.. he...did too.

After BG was done Yasmine let us go back outside and watch the gig. We came back before Lollipop when we got on stage again, and at the end... (beware this is going to be awkward!)*beginning of fangurl moment: he grabbed my hand and put it behind his back..and he was shirtless... *end of fangurl moment.

Then after we changed Yasmine got the things which we wanted to get signed to Mika and after getting them back we left. The band was unbelievably nice and all were smiling and talking to us. Oh and iMMa had lovely socks with gingerbread girls
I left and all the girls greeted me with huge hugs and congrats and I stayed a little after that, but left before the meet&greet as I thought there wasn't going to be one. I didn't care anyway... I had my meet&greet in the backstage and it was more than I could ever even dream of!

P.s: Yasmine is such a lovely lady! so stylish, natural and cute.
And I was pleasantly surprised to see Mika act so ...naturally. It was like talking to any other guy...and if I think well...I know random guys who are more smug and pretentious than he seemed to be.
P.p.s: we heard him prepare his voice before the gig. and it was honestly the most beautiful thing i have ever heard. the whole amplification and background on the gigs/albums...just cut the beauty of his voice. so clear and beautiful!
P.p.p.s: what nearly brought tears (happy tears) in my eyes.
when mika started the gig, i looked at Yasmine. The look on her face was priceless! She seemed so proud that he was her brother and so happy for him. i wish i could describe exactly that cute face.

this is pretty much it... i had the time of my life and i never even dreamed of this.

This is the Lollipop video where we're all on stage and at the end we all take a bow with Mika. I'm the 2nd one on his right

and here's the moment where i kind of lost myself although yeah...i'm a pro at disguise so you won't see that.

marți, 5 iulie 2011

Liceu, BAC si alte dureri.

Sa va spun cum vad eu lucrurile referitoare la esecul bacalaureatului de anul asta. Cat de scurt pot.
In liceu a plouat cu 10. Am avut medii peste 9.60 in fiecare an... Pe atunci mi se parea ca munceam pentru ele. Sincer? Nu tin minte cate carti si caiete am deschis ca sa invat in liceu. Vreo 10 cel mult in toti cei 4 ani.
Am facut greseala de a da la profil filologie. Bilingv spaniola pentru ca imi placea. Eram impotriva matematicii pentru ca din gimnaziu "m-au etichetat" ca incapabila si la ora de matematica nu auzeam decat "Daca nu stii, lasa, asta este, nu le ai cu matematica." In fiecare teza luam 4.5 pentru ca nu eram incurajata de mai mult. Nu acasa. Pentru ca acasa nu exista "nu le ai cu matematica" ci doar "nu iti bati capul indeajuns", ceea ce era adevarat. Dar asta nu mai conta cand ajungeam la scoala.
In liceu am vrut sa invat. La sfarsitul liceului eram convinsa ca stau foarte bine. Dupa BAC (luat cu 9, pe bune, fara bataie de cap pentru ca nu m-a interesat tare nota) ma simteam mai mult decat capabila sa fac fata la orice. Terminasem liceul cu o medie mare, luasem BAC-ul cu medie mare...fara prea mult chin.
La facultate am dat de greu. Greu pentru ca ni se cere implicare. Ni se cere interventia la ore, ni se cer pareri si ni se cer argumente pentru parerile noastre. Pe scurt, ni se cere sa gandim. In anul 1 am avut o profesoara care ne-a spus ca nu stie ce-i cu noi si ca nu a mai vazut generatie ca a noastra pana acum. Nu avea cu cine sa vorbeasca la ore si isi dorea asta. Isi dorea sa intelegem si sa ramanem cu ceva in cap.
Atunci mi-am dat seama ce s-a intamplat in liceu. Cu totii am avut creierele spalate. Am luat 4 in liceu pentru ca "parerea mea era gresita", s-a tipat la mine pentru ca "nu aveam dreptul sa imi spun parerea despre ce nu mi se pare corect", mi s-a spus ca "stiu prea multe si invat prea mult", ni s-a spus in mod repetat ca e mai bine sa profitam si sa fim smecheri ca reusim mai multe. Am avut o profesoara care nu ne scotea din "fete de pe centura", "proaste", "racolate de pe trotuar si aduse cu forta la scoala". Fara sa imi dau seama respectul de sine a scazut foarte mult in liceu. Si cheful de a ma mai implica in orice.
Desi aveam idei, stiam ce sa zic, intelegeam cursurile nu am scos un cuvant in anul 1 la nici un curs. Pentru ca mi-era mai bine daca taceam. Asa ma obisnuisem. Stiam ca daca tac nu se ia nimeni de mine. Nu stiam ca n-am sa raman cu nimic in cap asa cum am patit in liceu si ca, de fapt, e mai bine sa spun ceva pentru ca nu o sa mi se taie gatul.

In liceu, se insista pe multe lucruri inutile. La profil umanist iesi mai prost decat intri. Desi eram setata impotriva matematicii stiam ca o baza tot trebuie sa am, stiam ca trebuie sa invat chimie, biologie si fizica. Nu neaparat intensiv, dar lucrurile elementare trebuiau stiute. Putinele ore de "stiinte" pe care le-am avut s-au rezumat in explicatii ale sfarsitului lumii din 2012, la nunti din India si la puterea de vindecare ale produselor din Aloe Vera.
Nu s-a facut nimic practic in liceu. In schimb, se invata limba latina. De ce?!
Sunt elevi care nu stiu notiuni elementare de gramatica ale limbii romane dar ei trebuie sa invete gramatica limbii latine. La limba romana au grija sa memorezi rezumate si analize ale textului pe de rost. Daca tu intelegi altceva din text, daca tie o poezie iti da alte sentimente decat i-a dat lui Calinescu...esti prost. Habar n-ai ce vorbesti. Stiu, insa, persoane care stiu toate metaforele din poeziile lui Eminescu, dar nu stiu cand trebuie sa scrie "copiii" cu 3 de "i". Si au terminat facultatea de litere cu brio. Ajung profesori. Aici e problema!
Profesorii din liceu nu mai au nici cel mai mic interes fata de elevi. Ofera note de trecere si note de 10 pentru ca da bine. Olimpiadele se fura si notele se umfla pentru ca daca ai elevi olimpici primesti 10 lei in plus la salariu. Si asta se intampla pentru ca profesorii mor de foame. Nu ii intereseaza ce fel de elevi scot. De fapt, pe unii, ii intereseaza. Dar din lipsa de bani ii pregatesc doar in particular ca sa le iasa si lor ceva. Se cheama lupta pentru supravietuire. Desi am o ura imensa fata de multi profesori din liceu, incerc sa inteleg.
Ce s-a intamplat la BAC anul acesta reprezinta nu numai nivelul real al elevilor. (Elevi care, fara nici un dubiu, in liceu au fost foarte buni si buni). Reprezinta nivelul real al intregului sistem. Sistem care a fost distrus. Pentru ca scazand interesul din partea profesorilor, scade si interesul din partea elevilor. Foarte normal. Nu ti se cere sa iti bati capul nu iti bati capul. E ca si cum ai cere socoteala cuiva ca nu a invatat ceva de a carui existenta nu stia pana atunci.

Mai este si treaba cu "Cine vrea sa invete, invata." E adevarat. Dar daca te fac sa crezi ca ai invatat deja tot ce trebuie...?

marți, 10 mai 2011

Ma mai gasiti si aici

Unde am inceput un blog despre oameni. Nu plangeti ca nu fug de aici, acolo e un mic "proiect" pe care va invit sa il descoperiti si sa imi spuneti daca va place :)

joi, 24 martie 2011

"take a bad photo, apply a vintage effect and write something in helvetica"

...and you're supposed to get something cool.

i don't have helvetica in photoshop and my photoshop skills are somewhere below 0.

but some might think it's still cool?

see the original here:

sâmbătă, 12 februarie 2011


Pe lista de vacanta am carti. Beletristica. Asta si alte maruntisuri artistice de relaxat mintea.
Am ordonat in rafturi, mai demult, cartile bune, cartile bune de cand eram mica, altele si carti pe care trebuie sa le citesc.
Asa ca mi-a venit in minte sa incep o leapsa: :)

Cartea pe care o citesc acum: Magazinul Magic de Jucarii - Angela Carter
Cartea preferata cand eram mica: Uriasul Bun Si Prietenos - Roald Dahl
Cartea "care a crescut o data cu mine": Seria Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling (of course)
3Carti preferate de cand am crescut mare: Umbra Vantului - Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Catcher in The Rye - J.D. Sallinger, Spune-mi ceva despre Cuba - Jesus Diaz.
Cartea pe care n-am avut rabdare sa o citesc: Ultima noapte de dragoste, intaia noapte de razboi - Camil Petrescu.
Carti pe care vreau sa le citesc: Crima si Pedeapsa; Idiotul - Dostoievksi, Mandrie si Prejudecata - Jane Austen ... (and other classics)
Scriitorul cu care as sta de vorba intr-o dupa-amiaza de duminica: Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

cine vrea o poate prelua, sunt chiar curioasa. Astept de la Hunni si de la Ioa.

marți, 1 februarie 2011


Eram la Bucuresti. Pe Calea Victoriei...dar numai calea spre victorie nu era. Langa mine doi francezi. Eu cu aparat foto ei cu aparat foto. Zambesc la mine, eu la ei, ei fac o poza si zambesc inca o data si pleaca, eu cu zambetul pana la urechi...pana vad ce au fotografiat

click pe poza pt imagine mare